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Our commitment is to our clients and that is why every paper has to be checked for plagiarism before it is released to clients. We punish heavily every writer whose papers are detected with plagiarism. Our software and system ensures that the paper we send to clients will not be detected with plagiarism by any other plagiarism checker. We take strict measures to writers whose papers are detected with plagiarism. In cases where the amount of content plagiarized is too high, the writer is heavily fined and banned from our system. Such writers will never have a chance again to work with us in future. There are instances where the content detected as being unoriginal is less (below 1%). In this case, the writer may not be fired but is given a warning and the paper is revised before it reaches the client. Before having a dissertation the initial step is writing up a proposal, which when approved, will be developed I to an entire dissertation. A proposal is therefore an outline of what one intends to do as a dissertation, the methods they will use, and the results they expect. Proposal writing is usually very tricky for students, as it resembles in a large way the dissertation. We offer proposal writing of the study case, with well outlined objective. Our proposals will mainly include the parts below:

Title - We help come with dissertation titles that are well fitted and easy to develop in to a dissertation.

Objectives - while writing the objectives, we ensure to come up with easily achievable objectives that can prove the need of your dissertation. Proposal objectives should convince the reader that your entire dissertation is relevant.

Literature review - this is a short review of what we intend to research on, and how we intend to do it.

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