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Data Analysis Service - MS-Excel

MS-excel is a Microsoft spread sheets application. The main idea or purpose of the application is in general, handling of data in rows and columns. MS-excel puts data in rows and columns, bearing different titles and showing different entities.

MS-excel is however more complex, and extends beyond the data input systems. This is to say that, MS-excel can be applied in more than holding raw data. For example, it can be used as a data analysis platform window. Through financial analysis, calculations and even graphical representation of data.

Most students are very familiar with the use and application of MS-excel as a row data storage platform. However, when it comes to applying more complex formulas and use of programming language like, and linking them to MS-excel, it becomes all so complicated.

Not to worry at all, we offer great services in data analysis by use of MS-excel. We are able to use data n MS-excel to design linear graphs, charts, and even pivot tables. All these are important in graphical data representation. This is especially in a scenario where you are required to show trends and also have predictions.

On a more complex level, we are able to use MS-Excel as a primary storage for raw data that can be used while programming. We create data files in excel, and link such data to programs such as, to create interfaces.

Other areas where we largely apply MS-Excel would include fields such as engineering, financial presentations, arithmetic operations and even statistical operations. We are the experts when it comes to MS-excel.

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