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How we deal with plagiarism

Culpable academic offence:

At we take a very serious view of plagiarism, and offer it the kind of severe treatment it richly deserves. Passing off others' words and ideas is viewed as culpable, academic offense that warrants strong condemnation and retributive action, no matter how strong the allaying factors are. It is indeed well within the ambit of assigned writers, not only to author original and genuine text, but also take pains to ensure that it passes all tests for non-plagiarism, for which only these writers could be held in accountability and ultimate culpability.

Zero Plagiarism Tolerance:

Our strict policy in dealing with known instances of plagiarism translates into strict and inexorable enforcement of anti plagiarism laws that must be honored by our pool of writers in toto. Not only do our writers need adhere to non plagiarism in principle, but they must also be willing and competent to put these robust anti plagiarism laws into strict practice in each and every thesis, or dissertation presentation. There is no such concept as deliberate or accidental plagiarism indulged by our writers, since it is their moral duty and ethical responsibility to remove, amend or edit such segments of their works that may be within the ambit of suspected plagiarism. We 'reward' author- generated extensive plagiarism with suspension, fine and possible dismissal, depending upon facts, severity and nature of cases.

Unequal academic playing field:

We, at always strive to provide equal playing fields in this industry all our writing endeavors. In other words, it is quite feasible that plagiarized work (though undetected) would gain higher grades than original, genuine work, and this defeats the very purpose of academic writings in terms of academic honesty, ethical conduct and due diligence. This also provided high incentives for future copying the work of others and passing it off as the author's own work. Honesty is compromised which defeats the very goals which seeks diligently to uphold and also to arduously propagate.

Anti-Plagiarism software:

All our presentations are duly tested for evidence of plagiarism before final submissions to our esteemed clients. Suspect papers are duly revised or edited in order to meet our robust originality and non plagiarized needs. We have always stood vigorously by academic honesty as an abiding, self perpetuating and presumptive rule in our business, all along, in the past, currently and also in the future of our highly successful global business operations.

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