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Research paper writing is a project that every student handles in the course of their studies. It is a process of carrying out a research on a certain topic, and writing on the same, the research process and also the results.

One of the major confusing steps to student while handling a research paper is the starting point. Usually, academic courses are very broad, and it's hard to write a research paper on an entire subject. Our main objectives while handling a research paper therefore, will involve identifying suitable research topics for the students, unless the topic was stated.

When we have a study subject to develop in to a research paper, we ensure to narrow down to a single topic with enough research materials. From here, we collect a list of research materials to help guide us in carrying out a thorough research on the topic. Our research paper writing will then involve the development of a research proposal, or a prospectus. The proposal is a skeleton sketch presented for approval of the research. Drafting up a prospectus is very vital since it guides us while handling a research paper.

In research paper writing, the paper we offer usually has three main parts, which are the title, body and conclusion. The title page is usually a on a separate page and has the title of the research paper, and the name of the students. In the body of the research paper, we include all our supportive arguments and evidence. The body is the largest part of the research paper. Our conclusion is usually a summary of the entire research paper.

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