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Proposal Chapter

A thesis proposal is a general outline made before the main thesis is written down. A thesis proposal is therefore written as a plan and presented for approval to the course supervisor. After the proposal approval, one uses it to write the main thesis. We are cautious that playing with one's coursework is actually playing with their life. We try to give actual and true information at all times. The cost charged to students should not be exploitative but just enough and in tandem with the amount of work requested. The customers should not be asked for more money after the ordering process for doing the actual work he ordered first time. We treat that to be dishonesty and against our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our thesis proposals are handled by well qualified proposal writers, aiming to gain you a go ahead for the main thesis. Our proposals are mainly outlined as below.

Title - We help come with thesis titles that are well fitted and easy to develop in to a thesis.

Objectives - while writing the objectives, we ensure to come up with easily achievable objectives that can prove the need of your thesis. Proposal objectives should convince the reader that your entire thesis is relevant.

Literature review - this is a short review of what we intend to research on, and how we intend to do it.

Methods - we outline clear research methods in the proposal. These will help the reader understand that there is a way of achieving the objectives outlined.

Expected results - every proposal has a need to project the speculated results. This shows that one is fully aware of their research area, and has what they intend to achieve. Or proposals have very practical potential results outlines.

Timeline - our writers are highly time conscious. If a proposal was to be submitted in a certain window period, we include this as a part of our proposal.

Glossary - our proposal for the main thesis will include a glossary page, which will define any technical words applied or used in the thesis.

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